June 22, 2006


This is not your typical tourist shot of Edinburgh, even though we do have Salisbury Crags in the background. What I'm trying to show is the council housing of Dumbiedykes which have some of the finest views in the city. This part of Edinburgh was a forgotten backwater for many years. The Queen was a near neighbour, but she wasn't often home and there wasn't much else in this part of the city centre apart from Moray House teacher training college. Then it was decided that the site for the Scottish Parliament would be just down the road and since then, money and business has poured into the area. These old rundown council flats now look very out of place among the posh hotels, trendy cafés and bars and the modern office buildings. Some unkind people wanted these blocks pulled down, but it's up to the council to ensure that these blocks are not forgotten when the cash for urban regeneration gets dished out.


Kris said...

if the flats are well maintained, it shouldnt bother anyone..

Carol said...

Sounds a lot like what goes on here in the US.

luggi said...

Very odd looking locale.