June 25, 2006

Easter Road

The sun is back out again today and I've been out playing the tourist with my friends who are up from London. Anyway, I'd always thought of Easter Road as rather a dull and mundane street, but I'd never seen its full length before as I'm usually in the car when I come over Abbeyhill. From here it actually looks quite nice and as it's such a clear day, you can see right out to the Firth of Forth. Think of me tonight everybody as at 11.30pm, I'll be boarding a coach with 3 other teachers and 40 twelve year-olds to go on a school trip to Paris. At a conservatibe estimate, it'll take about 17 hours to get there! While I'm away, Toyozo will be pushing the publish button for me.


Sarah said...

Beautiful photo. And good luck on your trip! Sounds like, uh, fun?!

Louise said...

This is an interesting photo. I hope the trip to Paris goes well. It should be fun!