October 12, 2006

The Big Gap

In December 2002, fire gutted one of the buildings which stood on the Cowgate and South Bridge and we are still left with the gaping hole that was left behind. The fire began in a nightclub and there are doubts as to whether it was an accident. It's a real shame that somebody's greed or desperation for insurance money saw the condemnation and demolition of an entire group of tightly packed buildings and closes in the Old Town. You can see pictures from the fire here. Hopefully re-building will begin on the site soon.


Carol said...

Hope no one was hurt in the fire. If they rebuild, will they make it look historical do you think?

Grant F said...

Not that I recall - but I was overseas at the time. I sincerely hope that they will build something that fits in and retains the character of the area - however, knowing Edinburgh planners, they'll have a surprise in store!