October 13, 2006

Old College

Old College houses the Faculty of Law of the University of Edinburgh. It also plays host to the Europa Institute where I did part of my degree towards the end of the last century, a splendid library called the Playfair which is a very off-putting place to sit exams as you spend half your time looking at the beautiful ceilings, busts and bookcases. There is also the small Talbot Rice Art Gallery nestled in the back of the building. It is a handsome building and is certainly one of the city's educational landmarks.

It's half term now at school and I'm off to Greece for 8 days. I haven't got round to organising my posts when I'm away so there will be a brief hiatus in service. I will be back posting on Monday 23rd October.


Annabel said...

Have fun in Greece.
Hope that by the time you are back, you'll be posting some nice pics of Caiystane Avenue... ;)

Anonymous said...

I like this pix.
what camera do yoo use?

Ovelikios said...

Hey, you are in Greece and you didn´t inform the Athens fellow blogger???

Have a nice time and a warm weather.