October 08, 2006

The cells

We were shown down to the cells several floors beneath the court level. I'll never forget those long stairs leading from the dock in the court room down into the cell area below. It was really interesting to see something you would never normally see, and having our head boy locked in a cell, even if only for a minute or two was amusing. As for the cases the pupils enacted, the first was a drugs case (possession with intent to supply) which our team was prosecuting. The verdict ended in 'not proven' (a controversial verdict which is unique to Scots law). In the second case, we were defending a dangerous driving charge and the accused was found not guilty.


Michael said...

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Michael said...

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An Honest Man said...

And they let you back out Grant. I always knew justice was blind......

Grant F said...

yeah, but I got locked in a solitary or 'beast' cell...will show that tomorrow!

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John - Melbourne said...

Nice one Grant, sounds like a good day out.

Sally said...

"Take him down!"

Anonymous said...

Very interesting photos and story. In Sydney, I talk about Coke at the moment. Should we prosecute them for bringing obesity to the world????