December 28, 2006

Hogmanay Revellers

My friends Alan, Jack and Ben will probably kill me for using this lovely photo of them! The street party has been a fixture on the Edinburgh calendar for a little over 10 years. It grew sporadically in the early to mid nineties and in the early years needed no control over numbers. However, it was a victim of its own success and at New Year 96/97 there were roughly half a million people packed into the streets of the city centre, way too many for these old streets to cope with. It was dangerous and I was scared that year. I ended up having a fairly miserable Hogmanay as I got detached from my friends and there was no way of finding them. After that year, they introduced a free ticketing system, beefed up security and limited numbers of tickets to 100,000. Now there is space to move around and you can enjoy the party in a safe environment.

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