December 16, 2006

Old Town Roofs

Usually with a bit of height, you can sort of tell the way streets are laid out in a city, but not in Edinburgh's Old Town. Streets suddenly curve or stop. They go up a level or down a level and the result is the higgledy piggledy joy that is the Old Town.


Susan in Hotlanta said...

It looks much more interesting when you click on it and see it large. I recommend everyone doing shows so much detail!

Who lives in Old Town? Is it a wealthy area or a poor one or in-between?

Anonymous said...

YAY! Some of my favourite sights in Edinburgh.

Susan, The Old Town was a snobbish area that fell into decline. It became a slum, especially once the New Town was built, some hundreds of years ago. Now if memory serves it rather rich people like lawyers and stuff.

Grant F said...

The Old Town is where everybody lived, rich and poor, heaped on top of each other in fairly squallid surroundings. After the Union with England and the English stopped trying to invade, Edinburgh spread out and the rich moved out to the New Town leaving the poor to fester in the Old Town. Now, it's a mix...there is some social housing in the Old Town, but the private flats sell for big money as it's a desirable place to live. Many of the buildings have also been turned into backpacker hostels!