December 10, 2006

A Sea of Santas

My apologies for the lack of posts over the past week or so, but I've been snowed under with work and things and have not been able to devote my time and attention to the blog.

Anyway, today was the Great Santa Run in East Princes Street Gardens with more than 2,000 people dressed as Santa.
The event was held to raise funds for the children's charity When You Wish Upon a Star for children with serious or life threatening illnesses. The charity hope to send 100 seriously ill Scottish children on a daytrip to Lapland to meet the real Santa.


ruth said...

Grant, what a fantastic photo, event and cause! I've never seen anything like it. Too, too funny, and helpful. I wonder how much they raised?

Jing said...
never saw so many santas.

shanghai daily photo

Celine said...

Awesome! Great job capturing the santathon. :)

Jackie said...

That must have been quite a sight!

Grant F said...

was a fun event...i think it's about the 3rd time or so it's been run and it gets bigger and bigger every year. very worthwhile cause aswell.

Sally said...

what a hoot!

robert said...

Can't see myself in this picture, no I was not wearing a red suit and beard...I was weearing a silver santa hat.

Brilliant event, well done to all

Ismerie said...

Waoh ! What a great team !