January 07, 2007

More Old Town

Pictures of the Old Town always seem to be popular so here's another shot, taken from the top of the Museum of Scotland. The church in the shot, is no longer a church, it's now a cafe and arts centre and also the main ticket office for events in Edinburgh. It's now known as the Hub.


Dsole said...

This is my first time here... i didn't know almost nothing about your city... I love this thing called daily photo blog and learn a lot about other cities!
Greetings from madrid dailyphoto blog :)

Matthieu said...

A café and arts centre. How original.
Tonight, I watched the news on a French program. A report was made on a luxurious hotel in Oxford, a a former prison that dates from Queen Victoria's reign.

Grant F said...

would that be the Malmaison hotel? The Edinburgh Malmaison is a former house of ill-repute...will pop down and get a photo of it sometime.

The Wellspring said...

Wow - beautiful :) I love pictures of old churches...they don't build them like they used to!

Neorelix said...

Beautiful picture; a great skyline.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an informative blog and some particulary great photos. The Old Town seems to indeed be very photogenic, as evidenced also by these photographs which had been submitted to our travel community at trivago. A stunning place which I would very much like to visit sometime. Keep up the good work!
Greetings from Cape Town,

Jana said...

Beautiful photo.

PAUL said...

Yes I agree, wht a stunning photograph and secondly the architechture is second to none!

Fogarty & Co.