August 30, 2006

Dog Cemetery

At the Castle, as you wind your way up to the upper level you can look down on this little cemetery, which was for the dogs of officers stationed at the castle. Has anyone come across any dog similar cemeteries on their travels or in their own city?

On another note, the Fringe festival ended on Sunday so the city is noticeably quieter this week. It will get back to normal next week with the end of the International Festival on Sunday, which culminates in the fantastic Fireworks Concert from the Castle. Hope to bring you photos of that next week, presuming it's a nice night and I can get some decent shots.


Liz said... cemetery dog here;.(

Hope to see new photos about the festival soon :-)


Annie said...

I'm going to have to ask about pet cemeteries in Little Rock. I imagine there are some. They may not only for dogs, though.

I'm looking forward to seeing some fireworks photos.