August 19, 2006

Edinburgh Airport

Normality seems to have more or less returned to Edinburgh Airport following the increased security level last week. Hand luggage is now being permitted again, albeit at a reduced amount and flights are pretty much back to normal. The terminal building and the area around it have seen a lot of upgrading in recent years, and having seen a lot of airports on my travels, I reckon Edinburgh Airport is a pleasant, well-designed little airport. While the airport bus service into town is good and reasonably priced, (£3 one-way, £5 return), travellers will have greater options in the future. The new tram-line will run out to the airport, and finally a train station for the airport is in the pipeline which will serve travellers from all over east and central Scotland. The main train-line actually runs just to the side of the runway, but it's a good example of the lack of joined-up thinking in this country when it comes to transport that no spur-line was ever built to the airport!

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