August 14, 2006

Fringe Sunday

Yesterday was Fringe Sunday, a day when the Meadows throngs with people showing off their shows to the general public, who get a chance to see glimpses of lots of shows for free. It's a great day out, a great chance to see many different performances from all sorts of genres and a chance to plan your festival viewing for the remaining two weeks. The comedy tent is always very popular. These two are fringe regulars, a comedy duo from Japan called Gamorjobat - their show is described as physical comedy, whatever that means.


Eric said...

And what was is about? Shooting teddy bears?? The crowd looks like it's having a good time anyway.

dutchie said...

Physical comedy; they tickle you untill you laugh?

I have stolen Mark's funny caption competition today. Come on over to Rotterdam!

Andreea said...

this must be so much fun!