August 29, 2006

Ready, Aim, Fire!

The cannons at Edinburgh Castle looking out over what is now the city, are a strong reminder of the Castle's role as a fortress. You can almost imagine the marauding English invaders moving towards the castle, trying to find ways to ascend the castle rock. Now the invaders are more welcome than in days past, coming as they are armed with pounds, euros, dollars and yen instead of horses, axes, bows and arrows!


FritzMunchner said...

Nice photo, specially when completed with the comments about the invaders. I can’t agree with you more.


Susan said...

Interesting way of referring to all the tourists, but you've nailed exactly what they are!

I enjoy seeing all the photos you have here of the lovely old buildings.

Curly said...

Is this "the one-o'clock-gun?

Curly's Photoshop

Peter Cherbi said...

great shot of the castle cannons. I've walked around them many times.

Grant F said...

Curly - no, it's not the 1 o'clock gun. The 1 o'clock gun is a smaller, more modern cannon. You'd really be ducking for cover if they let this one off everyday at 1pm!!