April 14, 2006

Barony Bar

As I mentioned going for a pint at the end of the last post, I thought I would take you inside one of Edinburgh's fine drinking and social establishments. This is the Barony Bar, a nice bar with a real mix of a clientèle and always with a great selection of real and guest ales on tap. It also does pretty good food too. It looks quiet, but I took this on Monday night when I was out with my friend Ffion at around 11 so it was time for people to get home to bed. Not for me, as I'm still on holiday until Tuesday! You'll also notice the lack of smoky fug in the photo.


Anne said...

Nice shot Grant...your lucky to have a 2 day break! =)

Nicola said...

A really nice and warm atmosphere in your photo! I like your description "fine drinking and social establishment"! :)