July 16, 2006

Clever Scottish Sheep!

These signs were all over the roads leading to the Royal Highland Showground for the annual agricultural show at the end of June. Scottish Sheep must be very clever indeed to be able to read them...mind you it would only take one of them to read, and the rest would follow off at the correct exit!

Thanks Chris! I'm back!


Eric said...

This cracks me up! How serious is that?

Louise said...

Brilliant! and the sign is nice and low so that the sheep can see it clearly.

Grant F said...

Indeed Louise...are the signs for sheep in NZ at the same height!?

Glad you like it Eric - i thought it was hilarious too!

Louise said...

I haven't noticed signs for sheep, but will look out for them. There is a movie coming out soon from NZ about evil sheep plotting against humans. Most people will think it fiction rather than a reality movie. I think we should keep an eye on the clever sheep.