July 24, 2006

Visiting Vessel

Yesterday while I was down at Ocean Terminal, there were a couple of visiting military vessels docked very close to the Royal Yacht britannia. This was one of them and judging by the beers being drunk by the men on board (I could see crates of Jupiler and Leffe) the boats had sailed across from Belgium. Bienvenue! Hartelijk Welkom!


edwin s said...

aha! welcoming the sailors into town, are we? managed to get a bottle yourself?

Grant F said...

the chance would be a fine thing!

Beau Frere said...

One could always buy some I suppose..... Naw!

Wilf James said...

Is the Ocean Terminal at Leith? I at one time, many year ago, went to Leith Nautical College – no idea if it is still there and in the end I did not follow a seafaring career, but I do remember a certain pub that was (I think) in Academy Street. No doubt it has all changed now because I am talking 1972.

Nice to hear from you Grant and yes the heat wave it still with us, siestas in the afternoon a must and very little energy to do much else.

Glad to see Edinburgh and Scotland is enjoying some good weather, maybe it is time for me to come back and have a look around.