July 21, 2006

National Gallery of Scotland

It's very difficult to get a good view of the National Gallery building on its own, wedged in as it is right behind the equally impressive Royal Scottish Academy. The two galleries have been linked since 2004 by an underground space with a restaurant, café and shop. Linking the galleries together has allowed them to work as one and compete more effectively for international exhibitions. The National Gallery's current exhibition is 'Rembrandt at 400.' "It is home to Scotland's greatest collection of European paintings and sculpture from the Renaissance to Post-Impressionism, and is one of the very finest galleries of its size in the world." - so says the official website.


edwin s said...

hey ther grant! thanks for popping by KLDP.

the RSA is also a gallery? Sounds like a military school.

Ovelikios said...

Great photo! Greetings from Greece.