July 17, 2006

Cutting the Grass

I'm back in glorious sunny Edinburgh. Yesterday, on the plane back from paris, when the captain said that we were heading to cloudless blue skies and 27 degrees in Edinburgh, half the plane did a little double-take. And sure enough, the sun continues to shine and I still feel like I'm on holiday, which technically I am for another four weeks! I had to put suncreen on to go up town today and I was wearing sandals! As you can imagine, on a day like today Princes Street Gardens was packed full of people relaxing whether on holiday, days off or just on their lunch break. But just to remind me anyway, that others are still working, here is a council worker keeping the gardens looking nice for both locals and visitors.
Thanks to everyone who posted while I was away - sorry I was unable to respond. We had a fantastic holiday and I'll get some photos on flickr soon for you to see. Thanks again to Chris for publishing while I was away.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Welcome back! Please do post some photos of your Paris adventures.
Love the flower colors in this shot.