July 23, 2006

Farewell Cows!

As the Cow parade comes to its official end today, I for one will be sad to see these brightly coloured cows removed from the city's streets and shopping centres. They've caught the eye and the imagination and I hope the auction in September raises lots of money for the local and animal charities that it is supporting. As the cows leave, the city is beginning to prepare itself for the onslaught of festival activity. Mind you, I'm away on holiday again...off to Poland on Tuesday and then Italy before coming back on the 9th. Toyozo is going to press the publish button while I'm away so I'd better get my photos ready!


Annie said...

I remember when the cows were in Chicago. I had had so much fun walking all over the city looking at them.

Kris said...

oh, for us, it has just began . Got a chance to see them yesterday and interesting experience :)