November 23, 2006

German Market

This photo was taken just a couple of hours before the Christmas lights were swicthed on and Edinburgh's Christmas festival season was declared officially open. The next time I walk past the German market it will be full of people buying Christmassy things and enjoying a nice mug of Glühwein. The German market, with traders coming from Frankfurt, has been here the last few years and it's something that has really enlivened the dark months of November and December.


ruth said...

I've heard about those German Christmas markets. My sister spends half the year in Hannover, Germany and loves to go to them. How fun to have them come to Edinburgh! Beautiful shot, Grant.

Carol said...

Nice lights and reflections in this photo.

Anonymous said...

Can you make your photos larger?

Grant F said...

Ruth - I think markets are one of Germany's top winter exports...there was one came to Osaka when I was living in Japan. they're really good fun and make you feel really christmassy.
Carol - thanks
Anon - just click on the photo to make it larger.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What festive fun it would be to go to one of those markets!