November 21, 2006


We're looking down from Calton Hill towards the port area of Leith. Leith and Edinburgh used to be separate towns, but Leith has pretty much been subsumed into the city. It still retains a character of its own, and the area has seen a huge amount of regeneration in recent years. It still has its Leith folk and its own identity, but it's come a long way since it was used as the backdrop for Irvine Welsh's novel 'Trainspotting.'


Anonymous said...

Pretty good movie.

It would be nice if the photos were larger.

Bun said... click and they are! I love the detail, Grant.

Anonymous said...

Leith always makes me think of The Proclaimers--showing my age!

An Honest Man said...

It's well different from when I worked there in the late 60's.