November 22, 2006

Leith 2

We're still looking towards Leith, but this time in a slightly more easterly direction. The focal point of this photo is the Easter Road Stadium, home of Hibernian FC...the green and white half of Edinburgh football. When you enlrage the photo you can clearly see the different kinds of housing in the area, from the traditional tenements built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, to 60s low and high rise blocks.


macky said...

Nice shoot. Thank you for interesting photo. I can see many little chimney on the top of the roofs. I was wondering what they are for.

Grant F said...

the number of chimneys depends on how many flats are in the building. if you take a typical Leith tenement flat, there will be 4 floors and 3 or 4 flats per floor which means either 12 or 16 flats per stairwell...and therefore, for flats built well over 100 years ago, that's a lot of chimneys!

macky said...

Thank you for elaborating. Were chimneys made for Santa Claus to go into each flats to give presents to children? (Just kidding:-) Anyway, old building looks well remained, totally unlike Japan. Nice view! Thank you.