November 29, 2006

St John's Episcopal Church

St John's stands at the west end of Princes Street, and until the weekend I had never had cause to go inside. I usually find Scottish churches a bit austere and drab however, St John's is well worth a visit. It has beautiful, colourful stained glass windows but what attracted me in was the Charity Christmas card sale. There were cards on sale for so many worthy charities that it was hard to decide which to support, but at least I know that this year the charities will get something. I find the "charity" cards on sale in the supermarkets and High Street chainstores a bit of a joke - 10p from the sale of this pack will be split among seven charities!


Jackie said...

I agree, St John's is lovely (it's one of only 2 or 3 Edinburgh churches I've visited). Their choir is well worth a listen as well.

Jackie said...

PS Forgot to ask - have they got the Christmas sculpture outside this year they've had for the past couple of years, which is of a mother and baby made out of what looks like branches? It's really striking I thought, I hope they've brought it out again.

Anonymous said...

If you want really beautiful churches, have a deck at St Michael & All Saints, Brougham Place.