November 05, 2006

A row of buses

Cars are banned from driving along Princes Street (apart from late night and early morning westbound) so it has pretty much been turned into the UK's largest buslane! At any given time, there could be about 50 buses on the street with several queuing to stop at the bus-stops. Can anyone come up with a suitable collective noun for buses?? A lateness of buses??


TanDeeJay said...

Hi! Grant,

Yours is such a very interesting blog. I've come to love Scotland and been interested on it eversince I watched Trainspotting and Brave Heart. I really wish one of these days I get to see the real thing and not just thru these photos.

Keep the pictures coming!

Thanks for reading this message.


Mountainboy said...

A Tardiness?
A Graffiti of buses?
A 'what sort of time for a last bus is that?' of buses?

Grant F said...

tandeejay - tapadh leat! i hope you continue to visit and enjoy photos from our city until you come and see it for yourself.

mountainboy - i love all those options!

Gail's Man said...

Perhaps it should be a jam of busses. I've found that if you have more than 2 busses at any one time, the road comes to a standstill.

Anonymous said...

A bevy of buses
A bestirring of buses
A convoy of buses
A convergence of buses
A zeal of buses
A zenith of buses (the opposite being a zero of buses)
A geography of buses
A destination of buses

Gerald England said...

how about
an omnipresence of omnibuses?

Anonymous said...

As an after-thought

A busyness of busses.

Pierre said...

Beautiful light. I like this twilight moment, when you have at the same time the natural and artificial light...