November 28, 2006

German Market

If I'd spent a bit of time on photoshop, I could have got rid of that bollard in the middle of the road, but I prefer to show the city as it is, and to get the view of the Galleries and the Mound buildings behind and to the side of the German Market, I had to be across the road. You can see how popular the German Market is. There was also a French Market at the weekend, which was mainly food and on 14th December, there will be a Polish market too.


Kris said...

just need the a little cropping..I clicked to enlarge and i feel like going to one now!

An Honest Man said...

There's something forlorn looking about the bollard - I like it being there.

Grant F said...

after today i feel like a glühwein! want to join me kris?
bill, i think you're right - the bollard looks quite lonely in the middle of the road there!