May 22, 2006

Caricature Exhibition

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery on Queen Street is playing host to a rather cool exhibition of caricature portraits of weel-kent (well-known) faces from Scottish life. It makes a rather refreshing change from the very traditional portrait paintings you'll find in the rest of the gallery. Can you recognise the faces on the poster?


Nerissa said...

Well, Sean Connery is pretty obvious Rowrrr rowrrr.. ;-)

chris.h. said...

haha@ nerissa....I'd go to that--looks like it would be fun--recognise the 2nd one but can't put a name to him and the 3rd one?? No idea.

Grant F said...

He's a bloody pensioner...why does Sir Sean still set hearts racing?!

The second one is our illustrious leader, First Minister of Scotland, Jack McConnell MSP.

the third one is the actor Ewan McGregor, star of Trainspotting, Shallow Grave, Moulin Rouge, Star Wars etc