May 09, 2006

More Lothian Buses

Just to add a bit more colour, we have one of the shiny new buses, and the back of one of the older style. I don't know if this was done deliberately but the predominant colour of Edinburgh buses is maroon and the bus lanes in town are green. Can anyone guess the colours of the two Edinburgh football teams, Hearts and Hibs?? There is another bus company which operates in the Edinburgh area, First Bus, whose colours are grey, pink and purple...not as bad as it sounds. What is confusing for tourists is that if you a buy a day or week pass for one bus company, the ticket is not valid on the other company's buses. Also, bizarre fact, Lothian Buses which have the new style of number plate XX 00 XXX all have London registration plates rather than Scotland ones! This is because they can have LB as the first two letters standing for Lothian Buses!


Anne said...

Cute buses! Love the double layer...we had that here before but they slowly disappeared, now we only have the one level buses :(

Wilf James said...

We do not see too many buses here in the wilds of the Tarn, except for the school buses picking up the kids early in the morning and dropping them off about six in the evening.

Thanks for your comments Grant. As I have posted on other DPB's where we are in deepest France we are still on dialup – no chance of broadband for a while yet - so it takes me a bit if time to get round to see what others are up to. It also means I can’t possibly even do a quick scan of what going on, so apologies if I don’t get around too often. I'm glad the kids enjoyed the feedback, but let them know our problems of not getting around too often.

AND YES you must persuade your mother to do a Perth Daily Blog. I have not been back ‘home’ for nearly ten years it would be great to see how it looks now.

Sam said...

It must be a good way to see the city sights!

Anonymous said...

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