May 30, 2006

George Square

Here are some of the nice buildings which line George Square, the central hub of the University of Edinburgh. Unfortunately, the University in their all-knowing wisdom, pulled down the attractive houses on two sides of the Square to erect some of the ugliest buildings in the city. The University Library resembles a multi-storey car-park, the David Hume Tower, at 13 storeys high is really too tall for the city and as for the Appleton Tower, it just needs knocked down. I will showcase these buildings in due course!


Anne said...

Beautiful buildings! Those walls look fantastic!

Gregory said...

Don't know if you were aware, but they will not be allowed to pull down appleton tower, as it is now officially a listed building. i know, obscene.

Grant F said...

Noooooooooooooo!! Some of these lists are compiled by morons! Apparently the town centre of Cumbernauld is also listed (perhaps as an example of how not to design a new town!)