May 27, 2006

Waverley Steps

Daniel from Miami requested a shot of the steps as you come out of Waverley Station towards Princes Street. As they're doing renovations at that part of the station, they've closed that entrance so I've taken the shot the other way round, looking down the steps from Princes Street. At the moment, you can access the station through the shopping centre, but the plan is to create a glass structure with escalators going in and out. Not sure how that will look up against the side of the rather grand-looking Balmoral Hotel, but at least it will keep you dry as far as Princes Street!


Sam said...

I like the idea of escalators, lol. It is easier when you have luggage!

Carol said...

I remember going into a shopping center soon after leaving the station, I guess that's the same one you're talking about. I don't remember seeing anything about fried Mars anywhere. They also do that here in the states but I don't remember where. It was on a show on Food Network. They also deep fried something else strange..Oreo cookies maybe?