May 08, 2006

Smoke-free and Proud

After Nicola's comment yesterday about our rather colourful trains and having shown you many colourful taxis, I thought I'd show you (part of) one of our typical Edinburgh buses. This one sports a rather clever and powerful advert about the smoking ban from Cancer Research Scotland. Most of the buses in the city are double-decker. They are modern, clean and Lothian Buses provide a very efficient service. The fares have gone up recently to a flat fare of £1 for a single journey, which can be as long as 20km from the eastern to the western suburbs, or £2.30 for an all-day ticket. While our trains are a total rip-off, I reckon our buses provide an excellent service at a fair price.


Alison said...

Its a pity the same can't be said for the number 4 it is always late!!

Nerissa said...

wow... maybe BC Transit could learn a thing or two about bus travel in Scotland. That is so cheap compared to what they ask in Vancouver. You're looking at twice as much for the day and fares go by time, not km.
And as for train travel... that's a joke in my part of the world. It's excessively expensive because it is so rare.

Not that it's a problem for me right now since I'm in a place where everything is within walking distance.

midnitebara said...

I hope there are buses like that here. Wonder how the view from the 2nd deck differ from ordinary buses!

Kris said...

I imagine being in your city I would gain "colourful" experiences.

MoonSoleil said...

Wish I had a smoke-free country, too... *sigh*

And I looove the double deckers, sitting in the first row on top feels a tiny bit like flying over the city! =)