May 03, 2006

Dancing with Fire

Here's the last of the Beltane photos. In its current form, the festival was brought back to life by the foundation of the Beltane Fire Society in 1988. It started off as a small scale event, but has snowballed in recent years into one of Edinburgh's many festivals. On the hill, I certainly heard more foreign accents and languages than locals. The locals were the ones trying to evade paying the admission fee by climbing up through the woods onto the hill rather than coming up the pathway!


Lorethian said...

The pictures and story is great Grant. Thanks for taking me along.

Nerissa said...

Thanks for explaining the history. I'd love to see it one day.
Were you one of the payment-avoiding locals ;-)

Sam said...

Thanks for taking us to a Beltane festival!!
It looks quite dramatic!

Grant F said...

I was one of the cheap-paying locals. tickets were £3 if bought in advance or £5 on the night.