September 22, 2006

Busy Weekend coming up

Sorry folks, but I have a mad busy weekend coming up and won't have time to post anyhting over the next few days. Will be back on Tuesday once everyone has left! Have a great weekend!


Mimmu said...

You have Wishky bottles in this comment place. It get me remember, when we lived in Aberdeen one year. My son came from the small village school and he said to me: "Mom, you have been lying to me!"and what was that? His teacher had said: "Scottish Whisky is the best trink in the world and you have been saying, it has very bad taste!"He was nine years old then. I gave to him a glass with a little bit of whisky and asked him to drink it.He took it like coca-cola - can you guess, what was his opinion after that about liar? :)
Have a nice weekend and reasonable enjoying about the best trink in the whole world!!

dutchie said...

Don't worry Grant, great weekend to you too and i'll be back in a couple of days!