September 06, 2006

Looking Down

My friend Andrea from Bologna, kindly uploaded the photos from his visit to Scotland to my computer before he went home, so I've got some shots from someone else's viewpoint, including some places I've either never been, or wouldn't go. With my head for heights, you would not find me climbing the Scott Monument, far less looking down! Grazie mille per le tue foto!


Curly said...

Do you still get a certificate for climbing to the top Grant?

Curly's Photoshop

brando said...

That's a pretty cool pic. I visited Scotland and went up the Nelson monument in town. I wish I had gone up the Scott one too.

An Honest Man said...

And to lower the tone - a 'poem' about the Scott Monument which I only partially remember; so the blame is mine!

Scott's Monument looks like Thunderbird 3
On it's ramp looking up to the sun
Which is really surprising when one recollects
Scott piloted Thunderbird 1

Grant F said...

Bill - great lyrics!

Curly - my resounding answer is don't know! I saw Andrea's cert for climbing the Nelson Monument, but didn't see one for the Scott. You'd deserve one for climbing that narrow staircase tho!