September 05, 2006

Fireworks Concert

The Sunday night at the end of the International Festival is the night of the Fireworks Concert at Edinburgh castle. To me, and yes I'm a little biased, it's the most spectacular fireworks display in the world. The Scottish Chamber Orchestra plays a piece of classical music at the Ross Band Stand in Princes Street Gardens. The music is relayed through loudspeakers to the thousands watching on Princes Street, and is also played live on local radio. The fireworks from the castle are let off in time to the music. It is truly spectacular and with the castle as such a magnificent backdrop to the fireworks, it is a magical evening. My photos are unable to do the event justice, but hopefully you can get a feel for it.

1 comment:

An Honest Man said...

It might not 'do it justice', but this is still a fantastic photo.

I've got to agree with your comments on the backdrop, though it pains me to do so as a west-coaster.