September 17, 2006

Scots for Sale

Whoever came up with the idea for this collection of coasters, T-shirts, mousepads and mugs must have made a fortune from it. When I lived in Japan, I got sent a mug and mousepad with everyday Scots words on them like these and I really treasured them...I had a 'fitba' mug and a 'blether' mousepad. These are really popular, especially as they give a Scots dictionary defintion of what each word means and examples of usage. Any guesses on what the words mean...Scots, let the others have a go first.

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Marie McC said...

Not familiar with most of them, and didn't know "steamin'" had a specific Scottish definition. But I do know galoot: a big clumsy oaf. Don't think it's used much in conversation, but I have seen it long ago in something I was reading.