September 01, 2006

DP Theme Day: Doors

Today's theme for Daily Photobloggers is Doorways.

And this I have to admit is a pretty cool door, or doors. This is the entrance to the office of SCCYP (the Scottish Commissioner for Children and Young People). In order that children don't feel dwarved by the big door as they come in, they have a special door where they can feel tall and important too. My friend who works there tells me that even big teenagers like to go through the small door too!

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Helen said...

That's awesome! What a great idea!

kaa said...

my last doorway.. yours is one of the few blue doorways. i remember only two for now.. it is an interesting one.. i'm one of the last entries at 43.. next theme day we should try to be on time.. ;-)

John said...

The story behind the two doors is terrific.. how great for the kids. Nice one!

Vancouver Daily Photo said...

Never seen or heard of such doors.
Great fun - good choice.

Sally said...

Very, very canny!

dutchie said...

That is a splendid idea. Good to hear it works!

Chris said...

Great thing those two ages doors, and more : they are blue !