September 03, 2006

Edinburgh Mela

This weekend sees the Edinburgh Mela Festival, held in Pilrig Park. The Mela is Scotland's largest inter-cultural festival. It is a riot of colour, sound and a wonderful multi-cultural day out. Originally started as a celebration of Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi culture, Edinburgh's first Mela was held in 1995. Today, other communities are also involved in the festival. The food stalls, as you can imagine, are fantastic, although it is a sign of the times when you see Scottish lads in tracksuits eating samosas and pakora, and Indian girls in saris eating chips!


kris said...

food bring people together..did u snap a shot of the samosas? *hungry*

heidi said...

Love the movement and colors.

Nathalie said...

I loved the multicultural effect of this picture, thanks for that!
Greetings from Sydney Australia